We have a collective dream to bring smart and creative people from all walks of life together in a natural setting to inspire and motivate them to create new and amazing things. As a sponsor of the second Catskills Conf, you’re showing direct support for the emerging tech and arts community in the Hudson Valley and Catskills Region. Your dollars go directly to making the conference an awesome experience for the attendees and help us, the organizers, achieve our goals of making Catskills Conf an inspiring, inclusive, and fun event. Our attendees are the most talented developers, designers, and technologists from the NY Metro region and beyond.

Catskills Conf is all about meaning and inspiration and we’d love to create translate that into a meaningful sponsorship program for your business with an inspirational activation of your brand and mission. We’re presenting opportunities below that we think will be impactful for the event and our attendees but we’re open to exploring ideas you have as well. If you’d like to discuss further please email us at sponsorships@catskillsconf.com or call Kale at 914-388-4480