October 13–15

Catskills Conf is a gathering of Technologists and Creators at a retreat in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains. Our goal is to bring people together to be inspired by a diverse program and the landscape of the Hudson Valley. We’ve crafted a unique experience that aims to energize and motivate all attendees.


The cost of your ticket covers an all-inclusive experience of meals, drinks, and lodging for the duration of the conference. General Admission Tickets will come with housing in the Longhouse Lodge. You will also have the option to camp on the Ashokan center grounds or stay in a private room for an additional cost if that is your preference. Longhouse accomodations will have male only, female only, and co-ed/gender neutral options.

Early Bird Pricing:


Basic Ticket Price including
all activities and food


Additional for Longhouse


Additional for Camping


Additional for Red Maple
Lodge — 4 Person Room


Additional for Sycamore
Lodge — 4 Person Room

Diversity Ticket Scholarship:

We offer a scholarship to people from underrepresented backgrounds who don't currently have the financial resources to purchase a ticket to Catskills Conf. Fill out our application to apply!


We have some amazing speakers lined up for Catskills Conf this year! Old friends are coming back and new friends are joining the party. In between the amazing food and the outdoor fun, come listen to these incredibly talented experts talk about all things tech.

Casually dressed looking confident and self-assured

Jenn Schiffer

@fogcreek working on @glitch

Smiling with a knowing look in her eye

Jasmine Greenaway

Cloud Developer Advocate @microsoft

Smiling excitedly and holding a big leaf that they found at last year's catskills conf!

Jameson Hampton

software engineer @agrilyst
zine librarian @sugarcitybflo

A vibrant smile and an edgey haircut gets you excited and ready for an awesome talk!

Ruthie Nachmany

Software Developer @WarbyParker

Giving a friendly smile in the sun with some greenery in the background

Sean Dague

Developer Advocate @IBM, Founder MHVLUG

A happy person posing with a bright and colorful mural

Thalida Noel

Sr. Software Engineer @Etsy

A confident looking guy in a classy black and white photo

Michael Jovel

Front-end Developer at the FDA

A very cute person with a genuinely happy and open look to her

Amanda Muñoz

Software Engineer @Pivotal Labs

A confident woman looking fiercely into the camera.

Kate Bradley Chernis

Co-Founder and CEO @Lately

A happy man looking forward to giving a talk!

Daniel Schutzsmith

Digital Technology Manager@AmnestyInternational


This year, we are bringing back some old favorites and introducing some new workshops! Check out what's in store for this year!


Catskills conf is a 3 day event, starting on Friday afternoon, going into Sunday. In addtion to our speakers, we will be adventuring through the Ashokan Center and enjoying everything the Hudson Valley has to offer.


October 13

  • Talks
  • Ashokan Center Hike
  • Lightning Talks
  • Live Music & Square Dance
  • Campfire


October 14

  • Talks
  • Activities & Workshops
  • Birds of Prey
  • Tiki Drinks Demo
  • Campfire


October 15

  • Talks
  • Farewell/Songs
  • Fall Fest


The Ashokan Center

The Ashokan Center is the oldest outdoor environmental education organization in New York State. Located in the storied Catskill Mountains adjacent to the Ashokan Reservoir, the primary water source for New York City, the 385-acre campus features a number of historically significant structures and is comprised of fields, forests, trails and streams. The talks will happen in the Esopus Lodge, which was part of a big renovation effort of the site in 2014.

Learn more about the Ashokan Center and how to get there.


Catskills Conf will provide an inclusive, diverse environment that invites participation from people of all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, and sexual orientations. We welcome and encourage participation by everyone.

Catskills Conf is founded on principles of mutual respect and encouragement born of the belief that voices from all walks of life must be heard in order to create a balanced and truly rich society. We are working to live up to these principles.

We offer a scholarship to people from underrepresented backgrounds who don't currently have the financial resources to purchase a ticket to Catskills Conf.

Learn more about diversity at Catskills Conf


We are so appreciative of the organizations that team up with us to make Catskills Conf a reality. Join the amazing organizations that contribute their support to this conference. We are open to whatever unique ideas you have for your contribution. Please reach out to if you are interested in sponsoring or partnering with us!



This is Catskills Conf's third year. If you'd like to get a better idea of what it's all about, check out our sites from previous years!